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Pilot trainings


Aim of the project HERBS was, is to transfer the latest scientific knowledge and good agricultural practices into the agrarian sector for improving competitiveness and enhancing new employment possibilities. The preservation and development of vocational skills training for workers in agriculture stood in the foreground.

An aim was enables autonomous learning besides the everyday practise of lifelong learning. was to insert such multimedia elements in the educational material that helps visual learning

The primary aim was, to make a independent learning in addition to the daily practice and lifelong learning possible. This should be supported by multimedia elements for visual learning.

The developed material was tested in a pilot trainingIn preparation for the pilot training Details of project contents were distributed at trade shows and other events. further information about the contents, location and duration of the training and the cooperating agricultural SMEs and academic organizations have been transferred. The LEB eV was recorded 30 registrations from farmers.


  • Plant Physiology
  • Conveying basic knowledge about the herb production
  • Presentation of the techniques for herb production
  • Methods for processing, drying and storage
  • Deepen the knowledge acquired on the PC (educational CD, Internet, etc.)
  • At the end of the course was what they have learned (requirements,
    Mounting options, methods of harvesting and production technology) of 15 different herbs tested.


The knowledge acquired by the participants were:

  • Plant identification
  • Worksheets
  • Cultivation
  • Production tested.

Project location:

The practical content of pilot training was conducted in the gardens of the Ländlichen Erwachsenenbidung Prignitz Havelland eV.

The questionnaire analysis showed that 21 of the 30 participants satisfied absolutely, 5 mostly satisfied, 4 were partially satisfied.

The Project
Pilot trainings
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