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For information spreading and dissemination the project partners agreed to develop newsletters and leaflets. These are suitable to give general information, updates on the project’s progress both in paper and electronic format.

To see the completed newsletter and leaflet, click here!

1st. Newsletter
2nd. Newsletter
3rd. Newsletter
4th. Newsletter

1st. Broshure
2nd. Broshure

The herbs project pays great attention to develop a training material within the project, that fulfills the actual needs. Therefore all partner countries carried out a survey, involving students from agricultural vocational institues, and farmers of the sector. the survey was carried out via email or personal contact using questionnaires.

The students and farmers received different questionnaires according to their interrest and situation. the questionnaires covered the prospective and already gained educational degree, the herbal plants that are well known or can be subjects of interrest, and their oppinion on what they consider as important when developing or using a training material about herbs. The questionnaire for students and farmers can be viewed below:

Questionnaire for students

Questionnaire for farmers


Based ont he results of the questionnaires and other findings, the partners prepared their own country reports. These reports gave an overview ont he general situation of the countries’ agriculture (size and structure of farms, acreage of main crops etc), the circumstances of herbs production and the situation of vocational education in this sector. The country reports were summarized in an overall report, that can be viewed below:

Summary of coutry reports


The Project
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