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The results of the HERBS project intend to cover the educational needs of theachers, and also the needs of farmers and agrarians as well.

The main results of the HERBS project are:

  • DVD containing training materials of herbs cultivation with video spots of the 15 herbs; containing 5 country specific herbs modules, and also 5 general modules, providing a more comprehensive guide. The DVD will be available CZ, DE, HU, SK languages.
  • Teacher Training Handbook and attached Curriculum in printed version, to support the vocational teachers in herbs education. Handbook available in CZ, DE, HU, SK languages.
  • Pilot courses; with 40 hours duration, to generate feedback of the developed material. The pilot trainings were carried out in CZ, DE, HU, SK languages.
  • Demo CD for marketing purposes. The CD was created to support the partners in introducing the project outcomes to the target groups on workshops and other herbs related events. The demo CD contains a short description of the project and partners and a sample module as well as the opening page of the final DVD. The demo CD is available in CZ, DE, HU, SK languages.
  • Project website with all the necessary multimedia elements to help visual and autonomous learning. The aim of this website is to provide all the necessary information and updates regarding the project and it’s outcomes. The website is available in CZ, DE, HU, SK and EN languages

The Project
Pilot trainings
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