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Target groups


The primary target groups are farmers, SMEs, farm workers, unemployed people, specialist of small companies, students of vocational training schools. In addition, potential users such as rural and regional planers, vocational trainers and educational managers can also benefit from this novel training method.

After completing the pilot courses an additional target group has emerged: people who are interested small scale or garden herbs cultivation. The developed training material can also give them useful advice on how to grow and use herbal plants.

Main benefits

  • Involvement of the end-users in the development of the learning material ensures highly adoptable and understandable content and design, providing a simple user friendly layout.
  • Easy and quick learning due to the easy to use, user-oriented interface facilitates the process of information transferring.
  • Herb-centred training materials, covering all the crucial parts of the cultivation process, providing a holistic overview of growing and usage.
  • All the training materials will be available in four languages predominantly used in Central/Eastern Europe (Czech, German, Hungarian and Slovak) in addition to English; so it is available for all, who are interested in this material in the partner countries. The additional English version allows further usage and transfer as well.


The Project
Pilot trainings
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