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Project overview


The HERBS project started on the 1st of October 2010 and planned to be closed two years later, on the 31st of September, 2012. The tasks are grouped into six work packages, each lead by a different project partner:

Work packages:

Wp1 - Project management (24 months)

  • Ensures the realisation of the project, the everyday communication, the work to be done according to the contracts, organisation of the partner-meetings, reporting

Wp2 - Adaptation (2 months)

  • Country analyses about the arising educational needs in the given sector according to specific aspects
  • Compilation of a summary of the country reports

Wp3 – Localization (8 months)

  • Identification of the content and structure of the modules
  • Definition of scenes and themes of the video material to be recorded
  • Definition of the content of images
  • Definition of the structure of the demo version
  • Compilation of the training material in English
  • Elaboration of the curriculum in English

Wp4 - Testing (11 months)

  • Translation of the modules into the partner languages
  • Organisation of pilot trainings and completing their evaluation
  • Implementing the necessary improvements and corrections to finalise the material

Wp5 - Quality management (24 months)

  • Supervision of the activities of the partners both at the end of the meetings and at the end of the work packages via the completion of questionnaires

Wp6 - Valorisation, dissemination (24 months)

  • Dissemination strategy in each country
  • Project web page and logo
  • Newsletters, workshops, presentations, conference, articles in each country
  • Sustainability

The Project
Pilot trainings
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