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The Project


The HERBS (“Training material of herbs for supporting agricultural SMEs”) project is implemented under the Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme (Transfer of Innovations) between the 1st of October 2010 and 31st of September 2012. The project is realized by a transnational consortium with members from Hungary, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, co-ordinated by TREBAG Ltd. from Hungary.

HERBS is based on the results of the MINAR (“Innovation of the market - sustainable and renewable raw materials”) project (2001-2003), which was aimed to support unemployed young adults with training on herbs in English and German languages.
HERBS is going to up-grade the MINAR material and adapt it to the needs of the farmers while extending the availability in different languages. Another specificities of the HERBS training are that it is focused on herb cultivation and results in a localized content in order to satisfy the national needs.

The training material is based on ten core modules, each covering one of the ten most common herb species cultivated in the participating countries. In addition to these, another five species in each partner country will be involved, those five that have specific importance for the particular country.

Training materials enhanced with multimedia elements represent a novel approach to training of today’s and next generations of farmers and introduce new ways of acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of herb cultivation technologies.

The Project
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